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How it works

*Leeo listens for standard smoke alarms (T3) , CO alarms (T4) and continuous tone water alarms .

How Leeo Works

Leeo Smart Alert™ works with the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that you already have... to form a fire prevention dream team.

Listens and notifies

If any smoke or CO detector goes off, Leeo calls you instantly on your phone and tells you what's happening.

Calls for backup

If you're not reachable, Leeo can notify your emergency contact list directly. You or anyone on your list can respond by checking your home or calling 911.

The easiest way to protect your home.

You only need one.

One Leeo covers all the smoke/CO detectors in your home for one low price. So you don’t waste hundreds buying new detectors for every room*.
*Based on average US home. Ginormous homes may need two.

Sets up instantly.

Leeo plugs into any wall outlet and sets up in a minute.

  • No tools or special installation required
  • No battery to replace
  • No hidden fees

Hear it for yourself.

If you get a call from Leeo, you hear a recorded clip of the alarm. So you know it’s an alarm and not the parrot doing alarm impersonations.

Protects your privacy.

Leeo is designed to listen only for the sound of smoke and CO alarms – nothing else. Everything else in your home, including you singing in the shower, will always stay private.

Size & Weight

3.4 inches / 87.36 mm
Depth (to plug face)
1.2 inches / 31.16 mm
Depth (with prongs)
1.9 inches / 48.24 mm
4.4 oz / 125 g


  • Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Microphone
  • Ambient Light sensor


802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
802.15 @ 2.4GHz

System Requirements

  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • iPhone 4S or later running iOS 8+ or Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 running 4.3+
  • Free Leeo iOS or Android app


  • 100-240V~, 0.2 A max, 50-60 Hz

Leeo + IFTTT

Leeo Smart Alert™

Simple, plug-in alarm monitoring now only $99.99


  • Monitors existing smoke, CO and water* alarms and alerts you if they go off
  • Alerts you via in-app or push notifications and automated phone calls
  • Provides your local emergency service phone number in app or by text
  • Calls friends and family for backup if you don't respond to alert notifications
  • Beautiful color adjustible nightlight design to fit your mood or decor
  • Works with hundreds of other smart products and services using IFTTT

*Water alarm feature on iOS app only. Android version coming soon.

Requires:iPhone 4S or later running iOS 8+ or an Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 4.3+, In-home WiFi, U.S. residence address and ten digit phone number and Free iOS or Android app